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أفضل ألعاب الواقع الافتراضي لعام 2021

Best VR Games 2021

Augmented Reality has been one of the more popular new technology, like with famous Pokémon GO game and Nintendo DS system. While AR allows gamers to put objects or games instantly into their real-life environment with the use of their device’s camera, it’s not as realistic and engaging as VR gaming. In this blog, you will learn about best VR Games of 2021

With gamers being enthusiastic about interacting with AR at such fast pace, no wonder that VR gaming has been welcomed with open arms. The more widely adopted Virtual Reality becomes, the more available and accessible it is for most of gamers.

Virtual Reality gaming is distinguished by a headset that lets the player see the virtual world they’re interacting with. Also, there are hand controls that come with specific type of VR headsets that give the player ability to touch or trigger different objects within that virtual world.

VR headsets allow players to engage with the digital environment while blocking out all outside visual and auditory stimulus, and allowing the players to feel as they are actually deep within the simulated world before them. With the use of hand controllers, the players can interact within this world and feel even more real when having the power to touch and trigger different objects around them.

With having various VR headsets currently in the market, gamers can choose what VR headset is right for them depending on the budget, their space ,and the quality of the Virtual Reality experience they want to have. These are some of popular VR headsets:

Oculus Go, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, Sony PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Nintendo Labo VR Kit, The Valve Index, and plenty more.

Virtual Reality headsets are getting better, lighter, and are also offering more freedom, with less wires. It’s not a surprise that more and more gamers are moving from console to virtual gaming – in spite of the common costs involved.

Educational Uses of VR Games

When you think of Virtual Reality games, you probably aren’t thinking of experiences that nurture learning. What you may not know is that some innovative companies are making big wins with educational games.

Educators have realized that interactive games like VR games can actually be very effective for students to learn and absorb the material in the classroom due to students having different methods for learning.

Different VR companies are developing “Virtual Instruction programs” powered by equipment and VR classroom games. This new technology keeps students engaged and interested, as well as develop interesting new kinds of lesson content for educators. The educational technology industry is fully aware of how VR can positively impact education and be the future of education which will help educational system stay relevant in the ever-changing world.

Educational VR games can be as simple as an alphabet puzzle for a preschooler to a complex VR game such as creating formulas while interacting with chemicals and proteins for Chemistry students.

Virtual Reality game developers are constantly creating new apps to contribute to evolution in teaching and learning approaches that help educational system stay relevant in the ever-changing world.

These are few of the amazing VR games that are currently being used in schools:

  1. InMind VR 2

This educational game is about the chemistry behind human emotion, it is set inside the brain of John, a teenage boy. It is inspired by Lövheim’s theory of emotions and the Disney Pixar animated movie, “Inside Out.” In order to control John’s emotions, the player must catch the right neurons by shaking his head. These molecules will control John’s reactions to the situations around him, which will then shape his future as an adult.

  1. Titans of Space

An interactive way to teach the kids about the solar system, Titans of Space provides a thorough tour of planets and stars in the galaxy. With an amazing music and entertaining visuals, it makes learning about the solar system much more fun.

The planets were shrunk down to 1 millionth of their actual size for a more dreamlike experience.

  1. Discovery VR

Discovery Channel has been the main source of everything science-related on cable TV for many years. Students can enjoy that experience in a more realistic way with Discovery VR.

They can choose from different shows such as Discovery Atlas, Let’s Go Places Florida, Discovery Presents, and many more.

  1. Anatomyou

A unique learning experience in which students are taking a non-invasive trip inside the human body to learn more about its various systems (i.e. respiratory, digestive, circulatory and more).

It helps younger students learn about the human anatomy.

Anatomyou gives a tour of the full human body systems such as nose and throat, gastrointestinal, circulatory , and female reproductive.

  1. VR Lessons by ThingLink

It is a repository of interactive lessons and visuals that cover a wide range of topics like arts, language and science. VR Lessons by ThingLink gives  students a virtual tour of the dashing places around the world like the French Alps, and teaches them valuable information about each ecosystem with additional information about each habitat in a narrated virtual reality environment

  1. KingTut VR

King Tut VR allows teachers to teach students an important part of history. It takes the student on a 360-degree tour of the world-renowned tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamun, which was discovered in 1922. Students can get as near to the Death Mask of Tutankhamun as they wish, admire the intricate hieroglyphics, and learn about certain historical artifacts of Ancient Egypt.

  1. Tilt Brush

Tiltbrush allows students to paint with traditional art materials by encouraging students to make any virtual space their canvas. It comes with a virtual palette from which students can select from a variety of brush types and colors. Students have the option to share their artwork either in the form of animated gifs or large scale masterpieces.

Virtual Reality technology isn’t only for entertainment purposes anymore. With the right content, it can change the way classrooms operate by making learning more interesting and interactive.

VR Games Used for Entertainment

Virtual Reality in entertainment is rapidly growing, VR parks, arcades, and rooms are constantly emerging. VR companies are releasing new VR equipment every day. The world has already seen a large selection of simulators, to fly or extreme race, such as motorcycles, airplanes or bicycles, etc.

Virtual Reality Companies such as GameIN, have wide range of VR equipment that would provide access to multiple high-quality games, movies or virtual tours. GameIN believes that Virtual reality in entertainment may facilitate creating, selling and renting VR products (for gaming, amusement, parties, corporate events, personal use, etc.), and advertising within VR  games.

These are some of the popular VR games for entertainment purposes:

  1. Moss

A fun action-puzzle-adventure game, Moss brings you in a fantasy land with a tiny mouse named Quill as your sidekick. You and Quill will roam the woodlands together to fight your enemies, rescue your kingdom, and rescue Quill’s uncle. Small task for a mighty mouse. It’s a beautiful tale and a great game to get lost in for hours of virtual exploration.

  1. Vader Immortal

Vader Immortal makes an amazing addition to a Virtual Reality game collection for any fan of the franchise. The game contains three episodes set sometime between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. You play as a smuggler captured by the Empire, attempting to escape alongside your droid sidekick ZO-E3. The cinematic journey takes you through much more while you learn about your ultimate mission.

  1. The Last Guardian’s VR Demo

Trico is a cat-bird-dog hybrid creature, a large new friend who will accompany you through this new virtual world. The game is a fantasy, but the experience feels distinctly natural, with unexpected interactions at every opportunity as you get to know Trico. It’s a mesmerizing game, and will only take up 30 or so minutes if you’re short on time.

  1. Beat Saber

This VR game teaches you how to dance by hitting different directional blocks via light sabers while helping you work up a sweat. New music packs are also occasionally added, and new 90-degree and 360-degree modes suit those looking for a new challenge.

  1. Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip is a great mix of rhythm game and action. You play as a spy in an alternate world where the villain’s lair is super colorful and bright, with fun music to go with each shot you take and bullet you dodge.

  1. Tetris Effect

For a refresh on the classics, Tetris Effect is a beautiful take on the iconic puzzle game, merging ethereal graphics with a great soundtrack to make clearing each line of blocks more satisfying than ever.

  1. The Climb

The Climb creates the experience of climbing with beautiful sceneries, but without any of the danger. Player’s mission is to climb stone walls to the top of each of the stages that are presented. You can select from easy, medium, or hard levels. Just because it says easy, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be struggling to keep yourself afloat.

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