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Brand Activation

Brand activation is the act of marketing to consumers through activities that allow them to interact with your brand. Customers are bombarded with marketing and advertising messages all day through traditional media and digital marketing. Brand activation marketing allows the customer to willingly interact with your brand, enjoying the experience which will have a long lasting effect of positive association with your brand.

Advertising through television, billboards or digital media allows a company or organization to deliver a message to the consumer. You would hear about a new product, a new service or discounts and promotions on offerings. Established brands also use traditional media to build brand confidence and associate their brands with celebrities and public figures which the consumer trusts.

Brand activation marketing works in a different way. Instead of delivering a message and prompting the consumer to weigh the offering and act with a purchase, brand activation simply allows the consumer to participate in an event with likeminded people and interact with games, trivia or educational experiences that are offered from this brand.

These experiences are branded with the companies’ colors, mascots and trademarks, and the only objective in them is to be fun and engaging, the aim here is not to sell a product or service it’s interaction that allows brand recognition and association with positive thoughts.

In 2020, building a brand’s value is one of the most important aspects of any company or organization, as business moves more into the digital space, and competition heats up between similar products and services from many manufacturers, companies and institutions. Differentiating your company with its strong brand, allows you to have a competitive edge over others, this is why brand activation marketing is more important than ever.

Brand activation is also used for new products or services to help bring consumer awareness of these offerings to the forefront from day one. It also allows for linking of two brands in a collaboration, or associating the company’s brand with its product’s brand so there is no confusion in the market, and it also build’s the product value and image in the market from day one by using the value of the company’s strong brand image.

Interaction with your products and services through brand activation differentiates your consumer behavior from other brands as it allows for pull-marketing instead of push-marketing. Instead of offering a deal or promotion to the consumer which has to weigh your offers value and compare it to all other offerings in the market which takes a lot of their mental energy and decision making, brand activation pulls the customer to your brand. When brand activation is combined with simple, strong adverts the customer is drawn to your product and services offerings, allowing your company to sell more at higher margins as there is a strong bond between your brand and the customer.

Brand activation also keeps the consumer in your brands ecosystem, and raises your brand’s loyalty in their mind. Instead of the customer having to decide between competing products they will always chose the one’s from your brand as they know that these products or services will always work well together, they believe in your brand so they will believe that your company will honor its warranty’s and policies and the strong brand also means to them that you offer the best purchase experience.

At GameIN, we offer many solutions for brand activation events, and setups. We offer a variety of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions with custom software. We also provide mobile applications, interactive television, racing and flight simulators which can all be used in conjunction with each other to build a brand activation strategy for your organization.

In Virtual Reality, GameIN offers the newest, most advanced headsets on the market accompanied with a operators that assist your customers in wearing the headset and teaching them the basics of using the platform as well as custom games, simulations or educational programs in VR that are used to activate your brand.

We also carry a large selection of racing simulators, flight simulators and Virtual Reality accessories which can be used for the automotive and aviation industries and others to customize the feel of the VR experience. Through these simulators you can allow your customers to experience a driving experience or flying experience before your product is even available to the public.

Virtual Reality’s immersion is unsurpassed by any technology and is the perfect tool for brand activation it allows you to literally build a virtual world custom designed for your customer to have a memorable experience with your brand that they will share with their friends building strong brand value and word of mouth marketing at its finest.

We also offer Augmented Reality software which uses mobile phones or mixed reality headsets to blind the lines between the real world and the virtual world. With Augmented Reality software you can build custom software that interacts with your real products triggering an informational or entertainment message in the virtual world. The wow factor of augmented reality and the link of this technology of real products, places or services with digital, virtual software bring a level of interaction that has only been available for a few years. It’s truly cutting-edge interactive technology that leaves a memorable experience for customers and is a great for brand activation especially for sub-brands or products that you would want to bring to life from the real world to the digital.

In addition, GameIN builds customized mobile applications which can be used in brand activation events to keep your customers engaged after the event is done. You can share content through these applications by asking your customers to install them on their mobile devices and offer them exclusive deals through these custom apps which become an extension of the brand activation event available to your customer at any time.

Brand activation is an important tool for companies looking to stand out in a crowded market place. At GameIN, we can help you in bringing your brand to the limelight with digital, interactive and immersive experiences that leave a mark in your customers with positive experiences and allows people engaging with your brand to have a long lasting, strong and positive experience with your brand’s image and your company’s values.

We have helped many reputable companies and organizations in building their brand activation experiences; check out our customer’s page to see the latest brand’s we helped in activation events. Or contact us to speak with a specialist who can assist you customize your brand activation experience.

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