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360 درجة مقدمة الفيديو

360° video Introduction  

What is 360 degree? 360° video is a genuinely ongoing innovation wherein omnidirectional cameras are utilized to snatch a circular video capture of a space, instead of the rectangular capture in traditional videography. 

For instance – Experience what it resembles to leave Earth, going to more than 90,000 feet into the stratosphere. We almost have no other option but a 360 video has been recorded at these heights – so lock in and appreciate the view as Seeker takes you on an excursion to the Edge of Space. 

360 Degree Videos complete 360° scene photographs with the most recent innovation of hard-and programming for delivering intelligent movies. These recordings can be controlled and moved through the mouse or the keyword/console device and empower the user to effectively make part in the action. 

It is an impressive interactive way in present-day at a reasonable cost. It is applicable everywhere like in motorsport, or in business occasions. 

360° Videos can be viewed as video on your PC, laptop, mobile or MAC. The size of the video record is relying upon the quality, the length and the speed of the internet connection. The recordings are accessible in modem, USB or compressed in .mp4 standard.   


The main film was America the Beautiful (1955 adaptation) in the Circarama theater, which had 11 projectors utilizing 16mm film. What’s more, it would become Circle-Vision in 1967, which has 9 projectors utilizing 35mm film. 

Recognizing VR, AR, and 360° Video 

 Augmented reality, carefully characterized, requires the age of a fully computerized environment. However, 360° video is a real to action capture of a true occasion or setting, without the requirement for a pre-rendered advanced environment. 

The lines between 360° video and VR mix with expanded reality (AR), which includes the overlay of PC produced symbolism over a live catch of the space around us.

7 tools needed for every 360 video shoot-

  1. 360° camera.
  2. Smartphone (Android or iPhone any) for change camera setting & preview the shooting video
  3. Microphones for audio. 
  4. Tripod as a stabilized device.
  5. Selfie stick for Over Capture ability. 
  6. Stitching solutions must a fusion’s companion software support PC for better results.
  7. Editing software for adding some extra effect. Most of the editors prefer Adobe/Premiere.
Screen Resolution for 360 videos differs from standard screen resolution. 

 Let explore a few important reasons why we need to know while reading about 360 video- 

  1. 360 Videos are shot around the watcher to make a vivid experience. A vivid video permits the end-client to look down, up, and in a total hover from their origin position. 
  2. 360 Videos are shot on a variety of frameworks like, an omnidirectional camera framework is utilized. Often, an assortment of individual cameras is mounted on special frameworks. Those individual recordings are converged with cutting edge programming to make a consistent 360-degree augmented reality experience.
  3. Commonly, Viewers can just observe 90 degrees one after another. While 360 video includes a total of all-encompassing 360-degree horizontal view and a 180-degree vertical view. Using Head-Mounted Displays (HMD),  a viewer can just observe around 90 degrees one after another. Viewing the whole circle of the video includes the viewer turning and tilting their head and body. At any given minute, a watcher can just observe around one-fourth of a vivid video–the cut of the picture straightforwardly before them. 
  4. 360 Videos are shot in a 2:1 Ratio. The pixel proportion is the mathematic relation between the height of the display and the width of the display. An HD screen is a 16:9 ratio. Many current cinemas show in a 21:9 proportion.
  5. Screen Resolution Matters straightforwardly impacts the viewer’s understanding. Video Gear utilizes that 2K picture as the beginning line, and it can go as high as 16,000 pixels wide by 8,000 pixels high – which give a genuine 4K seeing experience for the entire 360-degree picture. 

On the off chance that you need to find out about our VR/ 360 Video’s hardware, look at items here.  If you would like to receive some top to bottom 360 video training from our certified GameIn experts, look at our preparation programs here.

Proven records tell success story – How 360° Video engage an audience  

Narrating is a top dog. Arriving at buyers with feelings and credibility in a convincing manner is key for an effective crusade. In 2018, we saw 360 videos progressively utilized to submerge and draw in watchers in manners 2D video can’t. KitKat, for instance, discovered ongoing accomplishment with KitKat’s 360 Zen Break – a 360 video crusade that multiplied the brand’s normal video fruition rate and made a 100% expansion in promotion review. This prompted more than 10,000,000 perspectives in only a half year. Google had found in 2016 that 360 commercials “drove 41% more earned activities than the standard promotion”, yet it is invigorating to see driving brands with such a noteworthy, substantial profit for their venture.

Facts taken focus by GameIN to shoot 360° videos for you –

  1. Utilizing propelled camera which has two lenses — one in the front and one in the back. To get the full 360-degree view. 
  2. With the 360-degree view, there is nothing of the sort called “behind the camera.” Everything around is inside the camera, including the shooter. 
  3. 360-degree the camera shoots everything in the scene, experts don’t permit to dish or tilt. Maintain a strategic distance from superfluous moves, it will cause unsteadiness for the watchers. It is hard and our master will accomplish it for you. 
  4. Gamein experts locate the best spot contingent upon the activity of your story. Not very close, not very far. Not very low, not very high. We will be the eyes of your watchers.
  5. 360-degree see infers a few difficulties for the producers. GameIN Shoot a presentable and engaging content for the viewer.

Future 360 Video concept

Live 360 Video is the killer concept of next-generation VR technology. At present, a blending of VR produces 360 Video.

The innovation for broadcasting life-like 3D 360 video direct to customers is well a work in progress. There is hardly any innovation that can’t be understood in time. We are very amped up for the potential for broadcasting live events in VR.

Imagine Revolutionary-era with Live 360 Video-

At the point when you can put on a VR headset, and associate live to a 3D 360 video anyplace on the planet. you expel yourself from the real-world and place yourself precisely where the camera is. 

Move to next Telecommunicate business 

The chance to stream live 360 games, shows, celebrations, entertainment ceremonies, gatherings, news occasions, family get-togethers, others’ lives, is truly interminable. 

For example – imagine the 2030 UEFA Champions League, quite a while from now… 

500 million Football fans around the world (1 out of 10 fans) pay $45 pay-per-see VR to ‘for all intents and purposes’ go to the Final match, transporting live into football Court, utilizing associated VR headsets. They find a good pace the best seats in the house, in hyper practical live 360 videos. It resembles they’ve transported there, however they haven’t needed to leave their lounge chair. 

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